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Re: nice flick

From: "Luis Angulo" <L.Angulo@t-online.de>
> Yeah Cuban Son music is a hit here in Europe since about a year or so 
> am surprised (or rather not) that in america with the exception of
> cities like NY, SF it hasnīt caught on. (Absurd old politics maybe?)

This is not, in advance, a racist comment.  I suspect that it's more that
Salsa/etc. isn't mainstream enough to catch on in other-than-higher
populations of Hispanic folks, in the US.  This effect isn't isolated to
just Salsa music either; I would offer that, as long as the music industry
in this country concentrates on target marketing efforts (as opposed to
distribution and sales), this will be the case.  As an additional effect,
though, it's not been unusual for enthusiasts of so-called ethnic music to
wonder why it hasn't caught on everywhere.

Don't get me wrong, please.  I try to encounter as many kinds of music as
possible - it's a measure of balance, more often than not.  Living in Los
Angeles - just about every sector except the rich ones since '84 - I've 
shown a lot of different musics; on occasion a lot of us get together and
play all night (ahem, Tunnels next weekend, in San Gabriel canyon!  email 
sgoodman@earthlight.net for details).  One can hear a lot of different
influences this way, and of course the Hispanic aspect is impossible to
ignore here, as it's a dedicated bunch that also schleps their congas/etc.
up the mountain twice a year - though, I've gotta admit, that living in
neighborhoods where they play it a lot has done the opposite of "endear" 
me, as far as Salsa goes.  Alas, I had a lot of friends nudging me to go to
"Buena Vista" ("you're a musician!  you can get into this!") ... but, like
lots of aspects of looping music, it ain't for everyone.

I try to concentrate in areas not highly populated, insofar as music
interest goes.  More room to move, eh?

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net