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Re: Drum machine for loops / echoplex

At 9:01 AM -0800 3/22/00, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>Hello All-
>Thanks for the response on the Oberheim echoplex--it sounds like a better
>unit for what I'm trying to do.  I'll have to check it out.  Someone 
>that it is out of production--does that mean backordered?  Because I think
>they still make them . . .

the echoplex is still in production, currently being made by Gibson's
Trace-Elliot division. You can ask them about it at info@trace-elliot.com.
Or, a little birdie just told me there is a person in the Gibson sales
department handling new echoplexes, Gil Pini, 1-800-544-2766 x217 or
gpini@gibson.com. (poor Gil is about to get deluged with inquiries

>As far as the drum machine thang--here is my setup.  The Jamman is syncing
>with the drum machine thru MIDI clock.  To compensate for the lack of
>percussion during the recording of the initial loop, I am using Cakewalk 
>play the drum pattern on a Sound Canvas and send various patch changes 
>for Guitar, Jamman commands).  I don't want to have all the percussion 
>from the sequencer, for reasons which may be obvious but need not be 
>into at this point.  The SR-16 drum machine will not change patterns in
>response to MIDI commands.  Is there a drum machine which does?  It would 
>one less thing I had to do while attempting to improvise.

to me it seems a drum machine should change patterns with a prog ch
command. I think its odd that your's doesn't. In fact, I just tried this
with my old Alesis hr-16 and it worked fine. Are you sure you have the midi
parameters set up right?


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