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Re: Digitech PMC-10 programming pad?


one of our LD subscriber Sean has made _the_ utility for you
Raymond the pmc10 editor for pc 
you'll need the remote only if you have already patches in the machine
(to send it out to midi)

but as I understand it you're starting from scratch so no prob: make all
your patches from raymond then send them to pmc 
I don't use my remote since raymond came out


download it here http://sean_.home.mindspring.com/pmc/index.html

Stephen wrote:
> So....I done got me one-a-dem Digitech PMC-10 midi
> foot controllers, sans programming pad.  I have the
> schematics for building the pad, but thought I'd give
> a shout out to the list to see if anyone had a spare
> one they wanted to sell (naive and optimist is he), or
> pointers to such.  Shy of that, has anyone built their
> own pad?
> thanks
> stephen
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