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Re: Torn last nite OT

the host announced at the conclusion that it would be rebroadcast at some
point (and hopefully archived)

sounded like Mssrs. Torn and Calhoun had lots more to say so I'm hoping 
broadcast their entire set later

the best connecttion going for the proletariat these days seems to be DSL 
cable modem--my local Bell supposedly has me on the list for DSL though I'm
not holding my breath

Windows Media Player delivered a pretty decent stream on my 56 K modem last

finally got the Knitting Factory stream link to deliver as well after
several futile attemts in the past

Tom Lambrecht

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From: Bruce Comens <bcomens@corelli.nexus.it>
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Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 12:57 PM
Subject: R: Torn tonite? YES!!!

> Anyone know if the concert will be archived and thus available later?  My
> connection here was too slow for streaming, but I'm moving back to the US
> this weekend so will presumably soon have a faster one--
> speaking of which (and drifting further OT)--what's the best bet for a
> connection in the US these days?   regular telephone line?   ISDN?  
> I really don't know what's going on there these days (in more ways than
> one....)