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Re: MP3 to WAV? How?

Man, there are so many applications out there that can help you.
There is a little utility calle MP32Wav (prononced MP3-2-Wav), that I use 
convert MP3 files to .wav.
It's fast and it's simple, and I think it's free, well at least the 
that was passed onto me was.
Most new versions of CD burning software will allow you to burn MP3's 
directly to your CD, without conversions (I use Adaptec's Easy CD Deluxe 
4.0, and Nero Burning ROM).
If you wish to edit MP3's, without converting to .wav, then use 
Cool Edit 2000 !!!! I have it, and it's Da BoMb !!!!
This little (well not all that little) application edits the MP3 wavform 
like it's a .wav file, way cool. And you can add effects, and everything 

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Subject: MP3 to WAV? How?
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Hi gang; I've got a simple PC question (another in a never-ending 
What's an easy way to convert MP3's to WAV's and vice versa?  Also, what's
the easiest way to burn MP3's onto a CD?  All the programs I have only deal
with WAV files and don't recognize MP3's.

Zero loop content, sorry...

But check this out:


I got curious about R. Buckminster Fuller, and now I'm curiouser...  Sort 
reminds me of "Godel Escher Bach" in that I can't really make head or tail
of it, but it's interesting and thinking about it in the context of music
(especially looping music)... ah forget it, just take a look.


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