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Re: Torn tonite? help . . .

I just started straming the live broadcast of the radio program using WMP 6.4 with no prob- I'm in LA on a 56k here at work-
Try uninstalling your old WMP maybe- and installing newest one from Windows Update site-
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Date: Thursday, March 16, 2000 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: Torn tonite? help . . .

Well, been fussing with the collection of Media players and still not getting a stream from WNYC . . . Windows MP trouble window says "server problems", but who knows
any of our best and brightest getting their stream to come up? let us techno-weenies know how you're doing it  PLEASE  :(
here are the appropriate URLs
please keep me from bludgeoning my H-P to deathcome 7PMCSTtonite and having to drink myself to sleep listening to "Polytown" for the umpteenth time . . .
don't let a good looper go bad . . . (well, at least keep him from sinking any further)
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