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RE: Denis Taaffe and backing tracks... PERFORMANCE VALUES...

At or around 04:42 PM 3/6/00 -0500, Taaffe, Denis G wrote:

>But I am offended at your second point.

Time to take some Valium, then.  I'll quote your original statement below,
and my reply in context:

You stated:

" I saw Joe satriani years ago do always with you always with me live. He
had this clean guitar part on tape /sample which played in the background.
Normally I would have frowned on that, but it wasn't the focus of the song
at all.the lead guitar part was I suppose."

I replied:

"The difference here is whether one looks at the song as a "total" package 
versus simply a vehicle for lead guitar work. Personally, I'm not into the 
latter at all, and this coming from a guitarist. I remember seeing various 
guitar gods throughout the 80s trying to perform with drum machines or 
similar tape backups, and walking away feeling cheated and unimpressed."

> Just because the drum machine is not
>the focus of my music doesn't make it a vehicle for lead guitar work. 

Interesting; I was referencing specifically your statement about Satriani;
I hadn't in particular sat down to apply the drum machine track in question
to this paradigm, but after examination of all the tracks available on the
mp3.com site (thank gods for my office T1), it certainly appears so to this
listener in the majority of songs presented.  It's very similar to the 80s
guitar god stuff I listened to in high school, which isn't a criticism in
and of itself.  The genre, however, generally is a vehicle for lead guitar
work, despite the frequent claims of "we're song-based" or "feel-driven" or
whatever phrasing is being used by the infamous Shrapnel Records this week.

I don't see what's necessarily bad with this approach, though, assuming
that one is honest about it.  The drum machine tracks on some of your other
pieces I listened to aren't nearly as difficult to listen to as on
"ZXMOTO", probably because they're not trying to be so upbeat in a static

>a generic ignorant statement. 

If I feel cheated by a piece of music or performance, there isn't any
ignorance involved.  If I go to a performance that isn't advertised as "X
with backing tapes" or something equivalent, I have every right to feel
cheated if I expected a live music experience instead of an instrument 

>I'm sensing some bitterness or something.

Actually, you appear to be taking things rather out of context and in an
oversensitive manner.  I'd have to have something to be bitter about to
express bitterness; there isn't enough of a relationship here to be bitter
about much of anything, and we're in two drastically different genres and
geographic regions to ever consider the 'local rivalry' crap.

>Well to each his own. . I'm sure if I listend to your music I would want 
>change some things as well.

I'm sure you probably would; the thing is, have you taken the time to do 

You asked for comments on your work; I gave it.  Next time I won't waste a
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