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RE: Denis Taaffe and backing tracks... PERFORMANCE VALUES...

Oh Ok the first part of your message is understood . I agree they are not
the same and I haven't seen a machine do that. But really for most of my
stuff the drum machine works great.

But I am offended at your second point. Just because the drum machine is 
the focus of my music doesn't make it a vehicle for lead guitar work. 
a generic ignorant statement. I feel my drum machine compliments my guitar
playing in general, my chordal style, rythmn playing, etc.. and certainly
not as a vehicle for lead work.I'm sensing some bitterness or something.
Well to each his own. . I'm sure if I listend to your music I would want to
change some things as well.But that is why we can all be musicians, beacuse
we have different opinions.My music is what it is, and I'm pleased with 


Denis Taaffe

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The difference here is whether one looks at the song as a "total" package
versus simply a vehicle for lead guitar work.