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If a looper loops in the woods...

Mike Biffle wrote:

> But as a performer, you have to consider the integrity of your
> performance. Is it engaging? In what ways? I've been wrestling with my
> reasons for needing to perform and have others see me do my thing
> live... Why do it? What's different about it than a recording? Do I
> want a passive or active audience? Am I background or foreground? Do I
> have a message? Do I want to impress them? Do I care about them? Do I
> want to show them visually how I create the music? Not tell them how I
> do it? Why am I up there? To hear the applause? What!?
YES!  I've been asking myself these exact questions for a long time.  I
love to play with other musicians, and playing live "gigs" has always
been the thing to do.  Why?  To get my gear out of the house?  My most
rewarding playing experiences are usually when a few friends come over
and we improvise together.  No one is worrying about filling a club to
pay for the PA,  entertaining an audience, or why has everything that
worked in my studio now be failing?  The result?  Pure honest art, made
for it's own sake.

Often I think I play live because I feel that I should.  If a guitarist
loops in the woods... Then there are the times that you really TURN
SOMEONE ON!  This can be really gratifying, especially when they were not
familiar with the type of music that you were performing.  Opening up a
door for someone is nice.

Then there are the times that I power up the gear, fill the JamMan memory
up and just let go... all alone.  Then, when it's over, you pull the
plug.  No audience, no record at all.  I think that can be equally

Mark Sottilaro