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backing tracks... PERFORMANCE VALUES...

> I was very opposed to using any kind of tape, samples, midi guitar
or synthetic stuff and I still wont, But, if I believe what I say,
then it doesn't matter how an artist get's it's sounds really, as long
as the end product is pleasing to the artist that creates it. 

 - -As a recordist or composer... yes. You should absolutely get what you
need into the piece. No holds barred...

 - - But as a performer, you have to consider the integrity of your
performance. Is it engaging? In what ways? 

 - - I'm realizing that for me to try and recreate existing pieces and
supply those elements with machines is a compromise at best... 

** interesting points.

i think that it's worth remembering that the original post about the drum
machine issue was that it wasn't working (for that person's taste, mind 
as an auditory experience only - - not as a performance issue (or at least 
didn't notice any anti-drum machine bias).

i believe it comes down to what you're happy with - - and whether or not it
can live up to YOUR critical scrutiny. if you would keep the live
performance the same way as a recorded performance (in this case leaving a
the same drum machine performance stand), than you're in there. IF you feel
like it would be better as a studio creation, then my suggestion is that 
would need to reconsider/change some of what you're doing. 

i generally learn a lot from listening and realizing what i don't like 
my performances, or those of others . . . often i learn more from something
that i "dislike" than i do from things that i "like." which leads me to the
idea that i'm trying to create something that i would like to listen to - -
and that i could listen to CRITICALLY. so . . . i don't really worry about
if the audience would be getting bored with a loop or a drum machine
pattern, or what have you; i get worried about whether i'm getting bored
with those things, in real time during the performance. hopefully the
audience will enjoy it too, and i like audience members who can be critical
of a performance in a meaningful way. 

if it works for you musically, be happy; if you feel that it could be
better, analyze why and try to deal with it.

just my ante,