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RE: RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...

Howdy Mike,

        WELl, I agree with the codpiece and hair extensions, I'm getting my
codpiece gold plated soon. Yes, as far as a drum machine being played
interactively goes, the closet I come is tapping in the tempo and then 
the "fill" button piece to put in fills where appropriate and to swtich
between patterns.In fact, I would hate to see some poor sap trying to 
a drum rythmn by tapping in each drum in a beat while playing guitar. he
would look like some river dance dancer playing guitar hahah. well 
, It's funny I hardly think of the drums as a drum machine. Guess I'm used
to using it and have not even considered if it is real or not. I do
understand though what you mean about samples and machines. but it has
opened my eyes as well. I was very opposed to using any kind of tape,
samples, midi guitar or synthetic stuff and I still wont, But, if I believe
what I say, then it doesn't matter how an artist get's it's sounds really,
as long as the end product is pleasing to the artist that creates it. I
watched bela fleck and they have this percussionist "future man" playing a
synthax to create the drums. Worked for me, but didn't fit the standard
drummer mold. AS far as to wether a machine taps the pads or wether someone
does like future man does it doesn't really make a difference for me. To me
I as I said before, the drums are there to give the ear a reference point
but it is not the focal point of the music. Before I used the drum machine,
my loops were all perceived as slow. Even if I was playing a very fast
rythmic thing on the guitar.with the drums the listerner perceives that
speed or upbeat thing. I do have tons of  songs without any drums but not
many like that are upbeat.I don't know, it's just people told me first I
couldn't go out and play a solo electric gutiar show by myself, then I
couldn't use a drum machine, I couldn't loop, I had to use midi,I had to
have a band, I had to play this kind of style, I had to cnform to this 
of writing, had to have long hair, had to....screw all that, I am happy 
my musical progress and will continuing doing what I 'm doing, even with
drum machine. I really love it and the sounds it creates. I value other's
opinion's , but at this point I have to do what pleases me musically and my
small drum machine does it for me . I like the way it sounds with my 
guit stuff. 


Denis Taaffe