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RE: RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...

At or around 12:15 PM 3/6/00 -0500, Taaffe, Denis G wrote:

>Before I used the drum machine,
>my loops were all perceived as slow. Even if I was playing a very fast
>rythmic thing on the guitar.with the drums the listerner perceives that
>speed or upbeat thing.

Interesting; I've played extensively live and on tape with and without
percussion, and haven't ever received a complaint about unintended
"slowness" or perceived it on recordings.  If I put in a slow or
atmospheric loop on one rack, a somewhat faster rhythm track on another,
and then duel it out on the third loop with the live instrument, there's a
whole depth of speed and sound going on.  

>I don't know, it's just people told me first I
>couldn't go out and play a solo electric gutiar show by myself, then I
>couldn't use a drum machine, I couldn't loop, I had to use midi,I had to
>have a band, I had to play this kind of style, I had to cnform to this 
>of writing, had to have long hair, had to....screw all that, I am happy 
>my musical progress and will continuing doing what I 'm doing, even with
>drum machine. 

I've gotten similar statements over the years, from before I even started
playing seriously.  Then again, I still don't use MIDI; I still don't use a
drum machine; I don't play any particular style, and in the end, I just
make what I want to make.

The difference, though, I suppose, is when one asks for criticism, and gets
it, where to go from there.

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