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Re: RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...

>>> "Taaffe, Denis G" <dtaaffe@indiana.edu> 03/06 7:35 AM >>>
Yes, but I love drum machines that sound "real", why would you want
to make them sound "fake"? 

It's not my issue that they sound fake or real... my issue is that
they're static and should be somehow handled by the preformer in real
time. Either inputing or manipulating. I don't want a canned element
from a live performance... If there are samples and machines, I like
to see the performer do more with them than just "turn them on".

> REal or fake compared to a drummer? Why compare the two. they are
not the same?! 

Ok... above you say "why would I want to make them sound fake?" then
go on to make this last statement... 

> I think people are too rigid on this subject, because that is the
conventional thinking band must have real drummer.I don't know, I mean
if it produces sound, it's good thing. wether a
drummer, drum machine,a scratching noise, leaves ruffling. Before
looping I thought the same way...

The same as what and who? I don't care if a band has a real drummer
or a fake one... I'm not a stickler for imitating any "other" type of
ensemble. Solo guitar, 2 guitars, drum 'n sax... I don't care... No
restrictions coming from me... I just don't find it very engaging to
listen to a so-called performance and realize that it's 4
programmed/sequenced real sounding instruments with a soloist over the
top. Now what you do with just the drum machine is more acceptable to
me, but I'm mostly trying to let you know what would make it even
better for me... (again this is just my opinion...)

> band must have drummer...must have guitar...must have bass...must
have long hair if they play metal....etc....that's just the norm,so
what?!?!?! throw all that crap out the window and do what you want.

Nope! I've gotta have a codpiece and hair extensions...

> anyway for my stuff, really the percussion (beat) is not what
interests me most of the music. 

Devils advocate... So why is it there? (drums percussion). I feel
that if it's not dealt with as an equally important part of the piece
that it's neglected and probably unnecessary.

Someone wrote... (Mark S?)
>>> I think I know what it is about the drums that I don't like. 
They sound like they're trying to be too real...

Now I've said above that it doesn't matter much to me whether they
sound real or fake, but will go on to explain a bit more...

My problem with drums that sound "Just like a drummer" is that when
it's clear it's coming from a machine, and there's no real drummer...
the SOUND of the music is actually somewhat misleading and out of

I kind of like each element to speak to me in it's given context...
meaning that It's ok for the drum machine to sound disembodied and
cheezy and machine like (because it IS). If you make something very
creative with it, I'm all the more impressed. Sampled sounds are so
good these days that the novelty of having them "imitate" the real
thing has completely worn off on me... I'd rather hear electronic pops
and buzzes get manipulated craftily by a performer, into a cool
groove. I also prefer a wacked synth sound being "tamed" into a bass
groove rather than some ultra-realistic bass sample supporting a

I'm fine with what you're doing Dennis... I deal with the same
problems being a guitarist myself... (and owning a drum machine! 8-))
This feedback is just to tell you what would engage me further. 

Best regards,