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RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...


        Yes, but I love drum machines that sound "real", why would you want
to make them sound "fake"? REal or fake compared to a drummer? Why compare
the two. they are not the same?! I think people are too rigid on this
subject, because that is the conventional thinking band must have real
drummer.I don't know, I mean if it produces sound, it's good thing. wether 
drummer, drum machine,a scratching noise, leaves ruffling.  Before looping 
thought the same way,band must have drummer...must have guitar...must have
bass...must have long hair if they play metal....etc....that's just the
norm,so what?!?!?! throw all that crap out the window and do what you want.
I am anyway. ... and songs must be 2-3 minutes and have a verse and chorus,
and must be radio friendly haha....etc..... But I'm not knocking live
drummers either.I like both. 

anyway for my stuff, really the percussion (beat) is not what interests me
most of the music. 


Denis Taaffe

I think I know what it is about the drums that I don't like.  They sound
like they're trying to be too real.  I