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RE: new mp3 loopping


        I use my drum machine live and really like it. I can use a 
to set the pitch, then with other pedals put in fills and start and stop.
Perhaps not a replacement for a real drummer, but it has really freeed me 
to play solo gigs, record and play at anytime.I run mine through a
mixer,w/some eq and light reverb I get a large tone through  my bass
cabinets but my 2x12's suffer a bit. I have been playing so long with the
same one that I don't even think about it and have never found a competent
drummer in my area who was dedicated to playing my kind of stuff. WEll,
anyway I don't have a problem with it, in fact I love the sound of it. 


Denis Taaffe
>particularly like them used live- I am more likely to bring a hand
>percussionist along on those types of gigs, or play solo and force some
>creative rearranging. Any other opinions? How about from an audience
>member's point of view?