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Re: New Lexicon Reverb...MPX 500

In a message dated 01/03/00 23:33:43 GMT Standard Time, alex@pixar.com 

> At 10:45 AM -0800 3/1/00, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
>  >IThe cost of an algorithm( = software ) is
>  >all in developement, so Lexicon would have no reason to
>  >use a "cheaper" algorithm.
>  That's not always true in general. A more elaborate algorithm might not 
>  on a slower DSP chip inside a cheaper piece of hardware, or it might
>  require more memory, etc.
Yes, your right of course.
if we knew which of their specially designed reverb chips lex put 
in each machine (and how many) I reckon that would settle it.

Originally I noticed that lexicon tend to use to same preset
name on different machines, and they often talk about
different machines having some of the  "same" sounds.

The MPX100 has a very nice reverb called "Studio A"
(also B,C & D).
So does the 480L, which is a "cost no object" option in
many (pro) studios even though it's been around for over decade.

To get back OT
Has anyone out there got experience of the MPX1.
Looks like it has audio-morphing.
Which would make it capable of simulating the Vortex, and more.
(e.g. morphing dependant on the input volume , or an LFO
+ ability to arrange  FX in any order , including in parallel )
pity there's only 0.3s more delay time than the V. 

Andy Butler