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Re: New Lexicon Reverb...MPX 500

Amos, i'm not sure where home is for you, but if you're in the states you
should be able to score a MPX 500 for $499 or thereabouts, which is what I
paid at Sam Ash in NYC. Now $500 for a used MPX1, that's a pretty nice deal
if you can swing it, though at the same price I would still go with the MPX
500, mainly due to the accessibility and ease of parameter changes from the
front panel.
Midi: i'm running my 500 with a Lake Butler Sound RFC-1 Midi Miditgator
(anyone else still use these? and man what the hey happened to that
company?), and did not get to fool with the MPX1's midi options, but i'm
pretty sure they'd be righteous,...ahh,... that it to say they should be
just as easy to access as is the case with the 500.
As to buying the MPX100, I have to beg ignorance, having never twiddled its
I hope some of this helps, Pedro

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>loopers, pedro...
>i am thinking about buying one, but i donow what