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Re: Max (was Alt. Midi Controllers)

> But how can i do that in a live situation? I need bouth hands to play.
> Don't misunderstand me, i have nothing against the max.

Because MAX deals with raw midi data, anything which outputs any sort of
MIDI at all can be used as a controller.Foot switches, keyboards,
powergloves, other MAX patches.Friends of mine have also used chopped up
computer keyboards, I use the no-hands mouse, there has been a whole
discussion on the MAX list in the past week or so about patches which are
triggered by IR beams connected to the serial port ("conducting" the
patch).But in some cases you don't need any input at all.The whole stucture
of a piece can be written in MAX and you write changes in as you would a
sequence, but you can have them going randomly to different sequences which
can repeat random numbers of times etc. etc.I'm working on a "virtual
musician" which uses a MAX object which recognises pitch so that I can
trigger different phases of the music with different combinations of notes
which I play acoustically on my horn, and then of course there's