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Re: Max (was Alt. Midi Controllers)

Alex Stahl schrieb:

> >BTW: I know this question has been asked before, but I can't recall the
> >answer.
> >Is there a PC-based version of MAX available?
> The Windows port of Max is in early alpha testing. I would imagine it'll
> take a while.
> www.cycling74.com is the URL for Max.
> >Are there MAX users on our list?
> I confess.
> >Can you tell me more?
> I don't want to start another one of those silly hardware vs. software
> flame wars, but I will toot the Max horn loud enough to say that it 
> me develop a program that features multiple 3-minute long quadrophonic
> loops, the ability to play loops back at different speeds (including
> reverse) while still recording into them, the ability to play sequences 
> loop fragments back in various ways while still recording into the loop,
> granular loops as long as your yard, etc. Quad looping is especially fun 
> the loop itself has four channels, as opposed to quad-panning the output 
> a mono loop. With this configuration one can pan each phrase differently,
> AND cross patch the feedback paths so that each loop repeat comes out
> rotated 90 degrees. Whiplash!

But how can i do that in a live situation? I need bouth hands to play.
Don't misunderstand me, i have nothing against the max.

> In all fairness it took me three years to write this patch, although my
> excuse is I also have a 2-year old daughter and a day job at Pixar, so it
> probably could have gone a lot faster. I'm planning some performances 
> the system this year; I'll post more info at some point.
> -Alex Stahl
> "The difference between theory and practice is that, in theory, there is 
> difference"
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