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Re: D-beam/Woman in velvet glove

At 11:44 AM 3/1/00 -0800, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>I've had the honor of working with the woman with the velvet glove.  Her 
>is Latittia Samone.  She teaches a class in digital/music/audio at the San
>Francisco art institute.  I recently attended one of her shows and it was
>great.  She designed and built the glove herself, and uses it to control
>software written by Steim.  The next time she plays (in the SF bay area) 
>let you all know about it.  Her shows are a must see.

Yes, she is the one.  I saw her at UCSD's CRCA performance space.  I was
studying interactive music for independent research credit and my adviser
strongly recommended I see her show as a standout example of interactive
computer music.  Afterwards, she was very generous with her time as I
pestered her with questions about her show (e.g. "Did that really happen to
you or were you telling someone else's story?") and equipment.  The brain
of her setup was a Powerbook running an incredibly complex Max patch.  She
built the glove because she wanted something more feminine than the Mattel
toy gloves being used by other interactive music folks.  Nowadays, one
could build something very similar using I-Cube components (made by the
company previously mentioned on this thread), maybe with even more features
as they offer not only sensors that measure movement but also sensors that
can measure other things like your body heat.

>As she wouldn't agree to make me a data glove, (How dare she! ;-)) I have 
>say that the D-beam has got my attention.  Has any of you actually used
>either of the two Roland products in a live situation?  When I visited 

This doesn't really count, but I fooled around with the SP808 at a music
shop. Lots of fun, especially with the D-beam.  Somebody did express
concerns about what if there were cigarette smoke interfering with the
beam. :)