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Re: D-beam/Woman in velvet glove

I've had the honor of working with the woman with the velvet glove.  Her 
is Latittia Samone.  She teaches a class in digital/music/audio at the San
Francisco art institute.  I recently attended one of her shows and it was
great.  She designed and built the glove herself, and uses it to control
software written by Steim.  The next time she plays (in the SF bay area) 
let you all know about it.  Her shows are a must see.

As she wouldn't agree to make me a data glove, (How dare she! ;-)) I have 
say that the D-beam has got my attention.  Has any of you actually used
either of the two Roland products in a live situation?  When I visited 
website, I was almost ready to write a check right then!  Are they as great
as they sound?  The demo link on the site was a dead link.  If anyone at
Roland is on this list, give that webmaster a kick in the ass.  While I'm 
the topic, if anyone from Korg is on the  site, just take the Korg site off
the web, it's just embarrassing.

pvallad1@tampabay.rr.com wrote:

> At 08:41 AM 2/29/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hey Papa... These guys have a full midi controller product range of
> >light, tough and sound sensitive sensors integrated into a system.
> >I've drooled over possible applications of these pups for the last
> >year, but alas, won't have cash for that kind of stuff for a good
> >while. You may as well be the guinea pig for this stuff as well! 8-)
> >I'm gonna have to get back down to your place for some playing and
> >demo-ing of your latest level of gear integration!
> >
> >Bestest...
> >-Miko
> >
> >Infusion Systems web site....
> >
> >http://www.infusionsystems.com/products/
> Definitely one of the favorite 3rd-party companies by users of Max when I
> was on the Max list (yep, I still have my copy of Max - even have the $99
> upgrade card though I'm not sure if Opcode or Cycling74 will honor it
> anymore).
> Anyway, I'm always interested in hearing about how people find ways to
> perform electronic music in an almost theatrical manner using sensors 
> these to detect their movements, like that woman from Mills College who
> used the velvet glove (yep, the same that I mentioned in a post while 
> for which I got flamed for my alleged ignorance of women musicians :)).
> Paolo

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