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Re: odds and ends FS

Hi all,
        A few more items from me and my friends.  I'm not posting prices 
gear that is not mine this time. I'll pass along offers and referrals. 

Yamaha SPX 90
DrumKat  (original model)
EMU Proteus 1
Yamaha 8 channel mixer
Akai R8 (4 speed tube reel to reel, speakers, big heavy, nice) 
Sony PCM F1 w /Anvil case 3 NP 1 bricks
Roland GM 70
Casio CZ 1000 
Rhodes 73 Stage piano (only local, freight way too much)
SSM 2056 IC (one chip adsr) $ 40  (wil trade for trimpots, opamps etc.. 
10 Japanese Fools Mate  (in Japanese) 

ATT Loopers !!
If I owe anybody a free tape machine, email me, I got them in
 (Serge is sold , good luck)