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RE: Question of the Week -- when do you NOT loop?

Yeah -- When I play in a group -- called .little a. -- I play a gretch into
a bandmaster and that's it.  When I Loop, I've all the toys I can find
patched in a play a guitar with much hotter pickups.

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Interesting- when I get a chance to play with drummers, I find it hard to
loop. Maybe it is not because a drummer has trouble syncing to the loop 
they're used to being the timekeeper (although that may be the case), but I
find when someone is banging on very loud things, it is difficult to hear
the loop without a REALLY loud monitor. So usually, unless it is, say, one
hand percussionist, I will just play 'normal' guitar.

Also, while I use a ton of effects/guitar synth stuff with my looping, when
I play 'normal' guitar, I just use a cord into the amp, and that's it. Odd,
I guess.

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

> "When do you make a choice NOT to loop?"