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RE: Synchronization band-loop

You know, Matthias, the Echoplex manual could well use this type of
description to many of the functions.  There's nothing like this type of
imaginative, relaxed way of describing something to make you really not 
understand, but get inspired...  And it sure beats what's currently in the

Anyway, just a thought.  Perhaps I've missed an already-compiled list of
these gems...  And, if none's there, well, could I make one, with the help
of those interested and inspiring loopers?


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  | From: Matthias Grob [mailto:matthias@grob.org]
  | Sent: Thursday 30 September 1999 4:39 AM
  | To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: Synchronization band-loop
  | >When synchronization is a problem...
  | Yes, you all say it: Synchronization. I was concerned about
  | this from the
  | start. I dont like to ban other musicians into my metronome prison.
  | So I created the BeatSync input. I hardly had the oportunity to use it,
  | since I dont play with drums. I only used it to resync the Plex
  | to recorded
  | audio, which worked well!
  | Did anyone try to connect the bass drum (or snare, HH?) to the
  | BeatSync and
  | let the loop follow the speed of the drummer?
  | Since there is a SyncWindow that only considers hits close to
  | the beat one,
  | the driving instrument does not have to be played stupidly straight, 
  | enough to also hit beat one pretty often.
  | In some future loop device it will be possible to really adopt
  | the playing
  | speed to a sync. So far the band is not allowed to really
  | change speed, the
  | BrotherSync just corrects minor irregularities with a little jump in 
  | loop.
  | Just give it a try, simply connect the beat audio signal with a 1/4 to
  | BeatSync and switch Sync to IN...
  | Matthias
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