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For me music is a centering device putting me in touch with myself and in 
tune with a larger Universal flow or Tao.  Music is a Practice, a tool to 
communicate.  My highest moments in this life have been sharing that 
experience with my fellow earthlings.  Pay has come once in awhile but 
not my main focus.  Pay would be great but until that ship comes in I'll 
settle for being in the flow and keeping that creative mystery alive.  Om 
and Out...Papa Dave

>From: Nemoguitt@aol.com
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>Subject: Re: <OFF-TOPIC>
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 01:00:13 EDT
>steven goodman said:
>  "I don't think ANY artist/musician would be in love with the idea of 
>getting paid for the work they do, much less the art they produce."
>i think the last time i was paid for my "art" was playing for a small 
>party sometime in 1973.....and steven is correct, i am not "in love with 
>idea of never getting paid for the WORK....." this makes me wonder, why 
>put so much time and energy and money into this thing we call 
>think it simply is that i  must.........if i go for a few days and not 
>i get weird, i believe the confusion is in the two words....WORK and
>PLAY......its the old "if a tree falls in the forest......" bit........am 
>any less a musician if i am not paid for my product........dont get me 
>it would be more than sweet to never leave my little studio but if im not
>working, im playing..........i promise, no more coffee after ten at

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