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Thanks for the advice so far. 

Footnote : Alot of people love their own voice and it makes a
self-titallating buzzy reverberation in their own head - that's cool but 
tend to mishear things all the time.

We intend to do internet sales as a backup to human tangible stuff - we 
don't want to have business stuff on our web site.

Thanks for those with the facts.

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> From:         Andre LaFosse[SMTP:altruist@earthlink.net]
> Sent:         29 September 1999 06:29
> To:   Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject:      Re: <OFF-TOPIC>
> american qabalah wrote:
> > The issue is not whether it's romantic for a society to starve its
> artists to
> > death, it's one of simple business.  You can't make money selling
> tapwater
> > when everyone in your neighborhood is paying their utility bill.  
> The reason I'm not convinced by this argument is that it makes the
> assumption that *ANY* free download is going to be preferable to *ANY*
> for-sale download.  It's like saying, "Why would a person shell out
> $17.99 for a new CD when there are plenty of good CDs to be had at the
> used store for a fraction of the price?"  
> > Now "you* deserve to make lots of cold, hard cash for what you do.
> Believe
> > me, I know.  You work hard for your money.  So hard for it, honey.  You
> don't
> > have to tell me.  
> I'm not sure where this nasty sarcasm is coming from, but I am sure it's
> not necessary to make your point.
> > Now you may be the marketing/business supragenius who revolutionizes 
> > charge-per-download MP3 market.  I'm just saying that Free is hard to
> beat in
> > a price war.  
> But again, you're making the connection that any particular MP3 for sale
> is going to be of equal interest and/or value to any particular free
> download, for any particular listener.  Two different pieces of music
> are not the same thing, and they're not going to have equal value to any
> particular listener. 
> Here's an example: after two years of working in record stores I had
> accumulated about 200 promo CDs -- those are free CDs that stores get
> from labels, which wind up getting passed on to their employees.  Now
> some of those promos were music I was excited to get.  Others I grabbed
> out of idle curiosity.  Still others were taken as spare jewel boxes or
> high-tech vanity mirrors.
> But you know what?  Even when I was getting free promo CDs as a record
> store employee, I was still buying CDs.  Why would I buy CDs when I can
> get plenty of free ones on a regular basis?  Well, maybe I couldn't get
> what I wanted for free.  Would you rather have a free MP3 that you don't
> like or a purchased MP3 that you do like?  
> > No one is more desirable than when they're giving things away. 
> > For free.
> As opposed to giving things away for a price?
> > So anyway, you know what you're up against.  Go for it.  I mean, after
> all,
> > it's a free market.
> Cute.
> --Andre