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Re: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)

Ok, I give in to the bloatedness of this all. I'll play my "opinion" card
(which is a valid option), and let you feel some fleeting fame, cause quite
honestly I don't have the time to nit-pick your reply, much less read it 

To just touch on your first question about tangibility of live music. 
Gimme a
mp3 that sweats and poors, in front of your face, out emotional energy that
equals the greatest of live performances (which, it would seem for most
"musicians", is the best venue). The aspect of being there for the 
alone makes it a more "tangible product".

I just don't see my friends and family coming up to me saying "hey, listen 
this, after this RealAudio commercial, oh and this CNET one, yeah listen to
this song, it only cost me $3 to listen to!!"

                                                           James R. Pearce