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Re: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)

I still prefer having the whole package in my hand, art, lyrics, etc. And
until they put a terminal into my bathroom so I can surf the web while I 
do my
"business" I'll still keep dragging the "hardcopy" in with me. You wanna 
a product without actually having a tangible product for sale, seems kinda
lame and a way to avoid "costs" and increase your "income" without 
providing a
interesting package that people can use and play outside of their "computer
rooms". You see, most ppl don't have RIO, and most ppl don't have cd-r's. 
what'r they gonna do with some internet stream if they wanna listen to your
music in the car?

I dunno, my two cents, information is pretty free in my world, and an mp3 
just a flat-file with information waiting to be decoded by Winamp.

And in my opinion "online-distribution" isn't real work. Ton's of fools do 
and some fools do it better than others. But the fact is they do it 
because of
the low overhead it requires, the manual labor is gone, so the idea that 
"flat-file" is an actual product is a larf to me.

                                                           James R. Pearce