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Re: Digitech 2120 Loop-a-Dope (I'M NOT ALONE!!!)

I've got to pipe in & second that emotion!

I upgraded my 2112 to 2120 status about a month ago &
have not been able to stop looping on the damn thing!

To say that it has a 10 sec. max delay time is not
saying enough. For example, you could have two 10 sec.
delays in parallel or series. You could have a string
of 8 delays, each one capable of up to 2 sec. delay.
Don't need that many delays? Swap out a few for some
of the many other available effects. Up to 16 para-
meters can be assigned to controllers per patch.
Controller options are midi cc, Digitech Control 1,
or the onboard modifiers: 2 LFOs (sin,tri,log,exp,sq)
& 2 dynamic modifiers. 100 user slots are available to
save your patches.

All delays are capable of both positive & negative
feedback, -99%-99%. With 1 or 2 exceptions, the delays
can be set to 100% feedback (hold).

I wish I had the ability & facility to let you hear it
instead of boring the crap out of you with a list of
features. This thing can't replace an EDP, but it can
pull off some things that you would need 2 EDPs & a
multi-fx box to accomplish. James is right. Because
it hasn't gone over big with guitar players, you can
find some good prices for used 2112s. The upgrade to
2120 can be had for under $100.

The most common gripes about this unit,(in no partic-
ular order) are:

1) The manual is 99% useless. (universal complaint)
2) No XLR outputs. (if you need'em, you need'em)
3) The wah doesn't sound like a Cry Baby. (it's not
   bad though)
4) It really can't nail that SRV,EVH,etc....tone.
   (I don't give a shit)
5) The seamless patch changes are not really seamless.
   (can't argue with this one)

I could go on with more of the bitchfest, but I won't.

There's a 2120 manual available for download at
http://www.digitech.com if you want to look.

I think those of you who cut your teeth looping
on stomp boxes would have a blast with this thing.
It has kept me distracted for a month now & I really
feel that I've just scratched the surface.

I'll be glad to answer any questions and will go ahead
& head off the more obvious ones...

No, it doesn't reverse delay.

Yes, you can assign tap tempo to a footswitch to set
a loop length.

No, you can't route the output of an effect back to
a prior effect.

No, it doesn't do delay spill-over, at least not in
the way that I recall dpc describing it.

I should add that I don't agree with James about
changing the delay time. Doing this on my 2120 would
destroy the loop in a way that is not pleasing to my

I'll shut up now.


--- James Keepnews <keepnews@node.net> wrote:
> But, whatever state you're in, you might be
> interested in the
> development of Digitech's line of integrated
> processing and its loopy
> application(s). I, myself, am a proud, deliriously
> pleased user of the
> Digitech 2112 tube preamp/processor (I am,
> unfortunately, a frustrated,
> embittered user of their Control One dedicated
> footpedal/continuous
> controller, which has been repaired three times
> already and currently
> needs to go in for Round 4; my frustrations with
> this floor controller
> do not end there, but enough about me). I consider
> the plenitude of
> effects available to be generally excellent and its
> tube distortion
> even-more-than-. In its off-the-rack state, one can
> access an
> infinitely-repeatable maximum of 2.8 seconds delay
> time. However, one
> can also, for the low, discount price of $75 (less
> labor should you not
> wish to sweat the replacement yourself), upgrade the
> processor in this
> unit to the newer 2120 version of same, bringing the
> delay time up to a
> salutary maximum of 10 seconds. I would recommend
> going the 2112-to-2120
> route as it's much cheaper than getting a spanking
> new 2120 -- you
> might, for example, track down that fellow who's
> selling his
> 2112/Control One on harmony-central for $450 and
> replace the processor
> your darned self. Unlike other alleged "delay" units
> that are samplers
> in delay clothing, the Digitech unit(s) treat(s) the
> signal being
> delayed as a delayed signal, not an emulation of
> same -- changing the
> amount of time the signal delays, forexample,
> increases/decreases the
> signal's pitch accordingly. Plus which, you would be
> on the receiving
> end of all the attendant joys of 2112 ownership, not
> the least of which
> is the fielding of all those clever Alex Lifeson
> puns from rock music
> enthusiasts, of which, it turns out, there are
> many...
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John Tidwell

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