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Re: the albuquerque vacuum

In a message dated 9/17/99 12:43:57 PM, svena@accessinn.com writes:

>so, please, if anyone on this listserve knows of any interesting musical
>happenings in the new mexico region, PLEASE tell me!  i am starving, so
>to speak.

Now that it's September, you might find something at the University. You
could probably do the crudest concrete performance at a snack bar there and
meet some potential collaboraters.

If you get desperate, email me privately and maybe we could meet in
Flagstaff, AZ. My girlfriend and I like to hang there, discharging from Los
Angeles a few times a year. Sometimes I tote a simple loop rig to the Monte
Vista Hotel, which has a fun lounge/bar/club and we've dropped in on a 
of open mikes and coffee joints and alternate between actual songs and 30
minutes of atmos-guitar loopies. Or we'll just hole up in the hotel room 
duet with the freight train horns barrelling through town.

I met some folks around the University who put me up in their house when my
car broke down for three days. I didn't find any avant-music but these cats
showed me some weird-ass home movies, and I bet they would dig any 
you might have scared up. They're somewhere up in Taos area now, if you
haven't gone up there yet, the "out-there" factor is significant.

good luck and write if you find work,
eric p
echo park