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RE: Live looping in Oakland(Tablas and Bass)

Well, there's BassBols. (The "bass" half is obvious, your tabaliya can tell
ya what a "bol" is if you're not familiar with the term...)

If that's too silly, you could call the project Mandra Saptak. It's a term
from Indian classical music meaning "the lower octave". But you'd probably
have a lot of people asking "Which one of you is Mandra?"

Jugalbandhi? It's a duet, though bass and tablas probably wouldn't
technically be a jugalbandhi, and it sounds more like a project with this
name would be using a one-stringed washtub bass and blowing across the top
of a jug of moonshine.

Lahara might be appropriate. It's the repetition of a melody underneath a
featured tabla part. Since you WILL be looping that bass...

Good luck with the gig,


 >Live looping in Oakland(Tablas and Bass)
>  |
>  |
>  | P.S.We're also looking for a cool name for the project
>  |