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Re: extremely lofi ideas...

Sven Anderson wrote:

> ... then
> wander around and listen closely to all of the objects on your walls, 
>tables, etc.
> as they vibrate in different ways.  and then (this is the hard part) 
>attempt to mic
> these little vibrations in such a way as to maximize their dynamics and 
> the actual music's presence on your recording.  trying to record 
>vibrations like
> this usually (for me) ends up producing very fluid, natural rhythms that 
>are more
> complex than basic thumpings...

this reminds me of sitting around after class with my high school music 
arp odyssey blowing through some massive ev speakers (with the aid of 
supplements...); determining the resonant frequencies of all objects in 
the room.

lance g.

anyone out there play around with hinges? really squeaky ones on light 
weight doors
that can be moved fairly rapidly (like those found on cheap tract home 
cabinets) can
produce some nice unusual textures (and you don't have to order them 
musician's fiend)...