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the albuquerque vacuum

i just joined this looping forum and enjoy its input into my otherwise 
days at work.

anyhow, i recently moved to albuquerque new mexico and have found myself 
in some
sort of a cultural vacuum.  despite my efforts to find electronic 
concrete/looping resources, i only dig up marriachi bands and awful 
punkrock clubs.

i must not be looking hard enough.  i have clearly been spoiled by new 
york and
london, with their overwhelmingly pressing event schedules.

so, please, if anyone on this listserve knows of any interesting musical
happenings in the new mexico region, PLEASE tell me!  i am starving, so to 
and if any of you live around here and want to collaborate, (first off i'm 
a poor,
poor boy and have virtually no decent/useful equipment) i work mostly with 
primitive feedback loops, enjoy pre-seventies musique concrete, 
krautrock and less danceable electronica, and noise/drone music.