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Re: Digitech 2120 Loop-a-Dope

Those parties utterly fascinated with the lifestyle choices of loopers
and their diagrammed and/or listed "signal paths" should be, as always,
be wary of past court decisions, which have upheld the criminalizing of
certain behaviors within the state of Georgia. Those, however, who want
to discuss what effects loopers use could probably give a rat's ass
about such things -- although, re: rats/their asses, said parties might
wish to review the above discussion re: Georgia/criminalizing of certain

But, whatever state you're in, you might be interested in the
development of Digitech's line of integrated processing and its loopy
application(s). I, myself, am a proud, deliriously pleased user of the
Digitech 2112 tube preamp/processor (I am, unfortunately, a frustrated,
embittered user of their Control One dedicated footpedal/continuous
controller, which has been repaired three times already and currently
needs to go in for Round 4; my frustrations with this floor controller
do not end there, but enough about me). I consider the plenitude of
effects available to be generally excellent and its tube distortion
even-more-than-. In its off-the-rack state, one can access an
infinitely-repeatable maximum of 2.8 seconds delay time. However, one
can also, for the low, discount price of $75 (less labor should you not
wish to sweat the replacement yourself), upgrade the processor in this
unit to the newer 2120 version of same, bringing the delay time up to a
salutary maximum of 10 seconds. I would recommend going the 2112-to-2120
route as it's much cheaper than getting a spanking new 2120 -- you
might, for example, track down that fellow who's selling his
2112/Control One on harmony-central for $450 and replace the processor
your darned self. Unlike other alleged "delay" units that are samplers
in delay clothing, the Digitech unit(s) treat(s) the signal being
delayed as a delayed signal, not an emulation of same -- changing the
amount of time the signal delays, forexample, increases/decreases the
signal's pitch accordingly. Plus which, you would be on the receiving
end of all the attendant joys of 2112 ownership, not the least of which
is the fielding of all those clever Alex Lifeson puns from rock music
enthusiasts, of which, it turns out, there are many...

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