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Re: midi ????????

postaldave wrote:
> I've done a huge amount of work to get my dm4 sounding good so I can 
>play my
> Zendrum. what's the best way to back up my setting in case the whole unit
> goes dead. I have a new computer with a awe 64 gold soundcard. I would 
> to dump the info into my computer instead of purchasing some midi storing
> device.

Use a midi librarian. Cubase is capable of doing it with
the studio module or Galalxy librarian. Get or receive
the dump of settings particualarly the trigger settings.
You can use a generic librarian and do a bulk dump or
preferably a librarian or editor designed specifically
for DM4. I recently had trouble and had no librarian so
I found one on the web that created a .sys file that is
stored. The shareware program is called audionaut? Any
way it only works for free 30 times or so but you can
use it to store the settings and send them to the
device. The process requires two midi cables and the
device set to MIDI thru -I think.