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Re: Paint Me a Picture

ditto==love to see this on the site for those of us who CANNOT effortlessly
cobble our toys together

drone on~~~~~~~~
Tom Lambrecht

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From: David Myers <dmgraph@pulsewidth.com>
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Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 8:37 PM
Subject: Paint Me a Picture

>Dpcoffin's Illustrator gear block diagram is an example of one of the
>things I love about this endeavor.  I use Illustrator myself, but I 
>it's overkill for those who aren't graphics professionals.
>I think a terrific addition to the Looper's Delight site would be a
>collection of just such diagrams; looping flowcharts are at least as
>pertinent to loop technique as any details about loop devices themselves,
>IMO.  What do you think, Kim?  SNIP