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Re : DJRND2 portrait

> >DJRND2 :
> >
> >Homemade prototypes based upon an alien kind of BPM looping method, very
> >efficient for DJs
> >
> >686 Euros (around US$700) + shipping
> >
> >I also use it on my own at home or on live like yesterday night
> $700!  That's about the same price as a new Echoplex!
> (as we know, old Echoplexes run about $3K).
> gee, you'd think it might be a nice thing to have instead
> of the promised new 'plexes.

I do not know much about new 'plexes, but I think EDP and DJRND2 are a
bit far away each others

I would say EDP is MIDI/tap-based looping, DJRND2 is a kind of BPM
autolooping that continuously spins in a given pitch consequent upon the
tempo (non-destructive change)
EDP is more for live musicians and DJRND2 for freehands such as singers
and DJs
EDP makes multiply/overdubbed footswithed loops, DJRND2 some kind of BPM
EDP is more like an improved tap-looping machine, DJRND2 a cyclic
multitrack BPM recorder
EDP is rackmounted with footswithes and MIDI, DJRND2 a portable
stand-alone sampling keyboard

> if perhaps you could post a signal path diagram or
> a text description or something to the list...  it
> might be very very interesting...
>         /t

See Kim's at http://www.annihilist.com/loop/tools/tools.html
and mine  at http://web.club-internet.fr/perille

There are now two possible DJRND2 versions :

DJs' version (VER53): 14 stereo loops with an automatic bar sync
- 3 16-bar loops
- 1 4-bar loops
- 8 8-bar loops
- 2 2-bar loops
total rec time = between 1 and 2 minutes
polyphony = 28 tracks (2*14 strereo)

Singers' version (VER537ms): 7mono/7stereo loops with an automatic
- 2 32-bar mono loops
- 1 16-bar stereo loop
- 4 16-bar mono loops
- 4 8-bar stereo loops
- 1 8-bar mono loop
- 1 4-bar stereo loop
- 1 2-bar stereo loop
total rec time = around 2 minutes
polyphony = 21 tracks (2*7 stereo + 7 mono)