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Re: jam man or boomerang

"I'm trying to decide between a jam man or boomerang.
I'll be using it for live gigs with my acoustic guitar.
Which has better sound quality?
I've heard the boomerang is easy to use, how hard is the jam man to use?
Thank you."

I don't believe the boomerang is for you, the sound quality isn't up to the
level that an acoustic guitarist would want. It is by far the clear choose
for electic guitar players. I haven't tried use an acoustic preamp peddle 
sharpen up the sound yet. I play acoustic about half the time and I am 
searching for a way to make the boomerang sound good.

I might add, if you are going to use the sampler for solo stuff the
boomerang is just fine, and would serve  you very well.
postaldave@qx.net and yes I am a postal worker.