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Re: asking for some advice grafic helper

Clifford Novey wrote:
> Attention all Loopers- I am interested in the thread regarding signal 
> gear setup- any genius out there who could interface a program that makes
> diagrams like Guitar Shop or basic schematic type diagrams to a web 
>form? I
> will host- and I have some web knowledge myself- it would be interesting 
> see how everyone sets up-
> My setup just is not satisfying right now- and I seem to change it 
> on what I want to do- I guess having a clear idea on what you want to do
> makes the configuring part much easier-


download the winblade program which is the computer interface of the
famous switchblade 
audio patcher
you can make up graphic views of your rig then just make a printscreen
to jpg

the problem with winblade is that you're going to have some violent gear
lust addiction
after playing with it

in case here is the url