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RE: asking for some advice....

Attention all Loopers- I am interested in the thread regarding signal path/
gear setup- any genius out there who could interface a program that makes
diagrams like Guitar Shop or basic schematic type diagrams to a web form? I
will host- and I have some web knowledge myself- it would be interesting to
see how everyone sets up-
My setup just is not satisfying right now- and I seem to change it 
on what I want to do- I guess having a clear idea on what you want to do
makes the configuring part much easier-


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Well, first thing you should try all possible wirings and decide which
sounds better to you.  But in general, amplifying should be last.  Unless
someone else disagrees, of course.

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  | Subject: asking for some advice....
  | dear looping partner's in crime,
  | am adding some new gear to my rack and so far have had some issues with
  | gain structure.  i wondered if i could solicit some advice.
  | here is the gear...
  | sony freedom series wireless system  at line level...
  | a pendulum audio preamp
  | lexicon mpx G2 effects unit
  | jamman
  | echoplex
  | all going to a walter woods amplifier.
  | the questions i have are concerned with signal path.  i have been
  | sending my instrument thru the preamp to the amp, then sending and
  | returning through all the other gear from the amp itself.  i'm thinking
  | of sending and returning from the preamp itself, doing all the
  | processing and looping, then going to the amp in the end with the
  | effected signal.  would any of you be kind enough to offer me some
  | suggestions or feedback?
  | thanks,
  | todd reynolds
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