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RE: Gibson update

At 11:27 PM -0700 9/4/99, Future Perfect wrote:
>My suggestion, which I think I mentioned a long time ago...
>When  the feedback value is changed,  especially with a midi expression
>pedal, the display would change for an instant to the feedback value 
>so it would be easier to predict the fades.
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

Yep, we got that one in there. It shows you the value as you change it,
whether it be from front panel knob, footpedal, or midi. It's incredibly
handy, especially when using a pedal where it's hard to tell exactly where
you've set it. We call this the Eichenberger function. :-)

I love simple, practical ideas like that, making it easier to use.
Friendly, intuitive user interfaces are the most critical piece of
designing new instruments. We easily spend most of our development time in
this area.


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