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Re: Gibson update

At 4:18 PM -0700 8/31/99, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
>I just talked to a customer support rep at Gibson who seemed a little more
>in the know. He said he was talking to one of the hardware developers
>working on the echoplex, and that as of 2 weeks ago the developer was able
>to get hold of an original EDP to make a schematic from.

ever play that game, telephone? where you tell something to somebody, and
they tell it to somebody else, and then somebody else, and so on, and
eventually the story comes back to you completely different?

I think we just played that.

>Since it's going to take them a little longer than a two weeks to work 
>out a
>schematic, design, build and produce the new product, anyone who was 
>out for a new echoplex to be released (like myself) is screwed.

Once again, THERE IS NO NEW ECHOPLEX BEING PRODUCED. No new designing, no
new schematics, no long engineering cycles, etc. Its the SAME echoplex,
with just a delay in production while they figure out some byzantine
business organizational issues. Once they have their shit together, they
just start producing and shipping them again, as things are more or less
set up and ready to go. It's not nearly as complicated as some of you seem
to have imagined it here, just slow as they decide how they want to handle
the product. The Gibson people seem to be working pretty hard to get it
sorted out now. In fact, I recently witnessed a whole batch of mostly
finished units! So have some patience, and harass Gibson every now and then
so they don't forget how badly you want it. I hear they like that. ;-)


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