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Loopers here I come.

About a month ago I saw a guy do a set with just him and his 6 sting 
He was a great player and a singer but he was doing a bunch of really cool
stuff. He first would lay down a a high hat feel on his guitar and it 
on going. then he would but in a bass beat and last a snare hit. by the 
he got done it sounded like a whole band, i was most impressed. so my
journey began I had to get whatever he was using. whoever is responsible 
the looper's page i found i thank you. it was most informative. after
reading most of what was available i had choosen the boomerang. I had a lot
of trouble finding one once i wanted to purchase one. many of the sites
listed on the boomerang homepage didn't have boomerang's for sale on their
web page or wouldn't return the email i sent them. I still wanted one so I
turned to this email group. WOW what a response you all are really great.
many thanks to all of you. in about a week i will get my first looping
machine a new boomerang. I am most excited. of all the place many of you
sent me here are the two best that were found.  If you your thinking about
getting one give these guys a call.

http://www.robbsmusic.com/  this is were I bought mine they have three left
and sale them for $425.

Brad Campen also sells boomerangs and has them at a great price.

Musician's Workshop
Gainesville, FL