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Re: Opcode & Echoplex = NOT -- the EDP's at another division of Gibson now

Dave is correct according to rumors at the nearby Wagon
Wheel restaurant hangout where some Opcodians eat lunch.
Yes it's the same wagon wheel where the first computer
IC was rumored to have been skectched out. 

Opcode will not be manufacturing the echoplex. Gibson is
investigating? Opcode is slimmer but doing fine and they
are located in Mountain View, CA. on Middlefield Road.
They have a new lower price scheme for Studio Vision and
Dave O is still lead programmer Studio Vision code.

There have been no updates to Vision for PC since the
first update to 2.55 or something like that. There are
no other plans for PC sequencing support updates. They
do however make some very nice PC midi interfaces. 

Paul deBenedictus still works there. PdB was an original
member of Opcode and the Product Manager for Studio
Vision for a long time and I believe he is in marketing
now. Call him he would to love to hear from all of you. 

A recent spinoff called zerocrossing didn't go according
to this report from Doug Wyatt the creator of OMS
http://www.sonosphere.com/doug/index.html Doug is
probably on this list... 

So don't bug Opcode about the echoplex. 

If you do want to call them the numbers are

General 650-429-2300
Tech support 650-429-2439 9am-12 & 2-5pm

David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> OK
> What I hear is that OPCODE are not involved in any EDP dealings now.
> Another Gibson division is picking up the EDP slack.  The same issues of
> sourcing parts and setting-up shop are being investigated by this other
> Gibson subsidiary.  What happened to OPCODE?  I have no idea.  To me it
> doesn't matter.  I wish them well.
> So.
> 1) There's no point in bugging OPCODE -- they're no longer in the mix.
> 2) Stay tuned, news may be coming soon (I hope).
> Informationally,
> David Kirkdorffer