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Re: Opcode & Echoplex = NOT -- the EDP's at another division of G ibson now

From: Michael Ayers <mayers@gibson.com>
To: 'Sebastian Woscoboinik' <sdw@satlink.com>
Subject: RE: From Argentina
Date: Mon, Aug 9, 1999, 9:03

Good morning;

Production of the Echoplex is due to be back up sometime this Autumn.

What are the problems with your Echoplex?

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From: Sebastian Woscoboinik [mailto:sdw@satlink.com]
Sent: Friday,August 06,1999 2:41 PM
To: mayers@gibson.com
Subject: From Argentina

Hi! Mike, I'm from Argentina. I'm an Echoplex user. I have two, but one of
these have some problems.

1srt question is. When I can buy one echoplex again? (It's out of 
or not?)
2nd question is My problems with echoplex have solutions or not?