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Zoom 2100 Info' / Headrush Skin

In message <f373e119.24e0bf84@aol.com>, Fmplautus@aol.com writes
>Michael...tell us in detail how you are setting up your "infinite loop" 
>on the Zoom 2100 as described in your message to the newsgroup.  We think 
>have it down, but we want to know any secrets you have.
>The Roctologists

For a max. 6 second Infinite Loop (with overdub) you will need to access
the Sound-On-Sound function. This must be programmed into a User Patch:-

Select Delay as the Modulation type, and set the Feedback to S.o (Sound-
On-Sound.) Use the Time parameter to set your loop length.

Record performance data by pressing & holding either the Function Switch
(set to Control) or optional Foot Pedal (recommended.)

Hope this helps.


Lee Fletcher

P.S. I will shortly be submitting a chunk of 2100 info' to the Looping
Tools page...

P.P.S. The 'rush is METAL ;-)