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finding a Zoom 2100

Finally decided to pick up a 2100 only to find no dealer in NYC had them
(sound familiar?  I had a similar bitch two weeks ago over the Headrush).
No from Chuck Levin, no from J&S.  Zzounds' site had a warning that their
secure server was iffy, and they don't confirm if an item is in stock,
anyway.  I didn't call Musician's Friend first because their catalog price
was $150.  After scratching everybody else off, I did call MF and they
matched the Sam Ash price of $139.  Me: "But do you actually have one?
Nobody else does!"  MF: they have 1155 of them!!  Let's see, at six seconds

I also got the Headrush from them.  I've gotta put them at the top of my
list, give these guys a call--they'll match any price, the shelves are
full, they're nice as hell....