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Re: More Brook/Gasparyan.

In message <fa6b6bf9.24e262d9@aol.com>, Loopbozo@aol.com writes
>I saw Brook open for(and play with) the Sylvian/Fripp Band in L.A. a few 
>years ago and he pissed and moaned during his set about the fact that 
>they had
>flown in from Tokyo and it was 3 am by his time.Seems he's not changed
>his stage presence or patter.He was adequate at best.Fripp kicked ass, so
>did Mr. Sylvian.

I attended the final night of the S/F Tour at The Albert Hall (London)
and Brook's on-stage banter was light & humorous. His playing was
excellent and this prompted me to purchase the Ltd. Edition CD - Live At
The Aquarium, which showcased his solo set from the early 90's.

Incidentally this CD has recently been re-issued by 4AD as part of a
special double set including Cobalt Blue. Check it out if you haven't

Lee Fletcher