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Re: More Brook/Gasparyan.

I saw Michael Brooks at the Park West in Chicago as the opener for Sylvian
and Fripp, and he was fantastic. I had on of his albums with Eno at the
time ("Hybrid", an excellent CD), but he went far beyond that work. I
thought he was superb. He had no comments that I remember (just followed
the F. Zappa axiom "Shut up and play yer guitar") Actually, the show with
Sylvian and Fripp is the one I look back at and think "that was my favorite
concert". One and all were super-hot that night.

I've seen Sylvian a few times, he seems to be a whiner big-time. One show,
I did two songs, then excused himself because of his cold. Mark Isham and
David Torn improvised for about 20 minutes, then show's over. The name of
the tour was "In praise of the shaman", renamed by my friends I took there
as "In praise of the charlatan". Sylvian was also carrying on in another
show in Chicago about the smoker's. Oh well, he does some fine music. 

BTW, if anyone's heard Sylvian's latest CD, doesn't it sound like he's
lifted Torn's guitar sound for the CD. It's almost like he used samples of
previous work he did with Torn on this CD. Sylvian is the only credited
guitarist on this CD, just wondered what you thought. 


At 06:37 PM 8/13/99 +0100, you wrote:
>In message <fa6b6bf9.24e262d9@aol.com>, Loopbozo@aol.com writes
>>I saw Brook open for(and play with) the Sylvian/Fripp Band in L.A. a few 
>>years ago and he pissed and moaned during his set about the fact that
they had
>>flown in from Tokyo and it was 3 am by his time.Seems he's not changed
>>his stage presence or patter.He was adequate at best.Fripp kicked ass, so
>>did Mr. Sylvian.
>I attended the final night of the S/F Tour at The Albert Hall (London)
>and Brook's on-stage banter was light & humorous. His playing was
>excellent and this prompted me to purchase the Ltd. Edition CD - Live At
>The Aquarium, which showcased his solo set from the early 90's.
>Incidentally this CD has recently been re-issued by 4AD as part of a
>special double set including Cobalt Blue. Check it out if you haven't
>Lee Fletcher