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Re: Info on old Lexicons?

>Greetings fellow loopers-
>Does anyone know of any sites with information on old Lexicon reverb and
>delay units?
>Sometimes these units pop up for sale, and it'd be nice to be able to
>gather information on specs, algorithms, etc.
>Any other sites with info on interesting old delay/reverb devices would be
>great to know about, too.
Hey Mark! I once received an e-mail from Lexicon after asking about
algorithms, and the nature/quality of each unit available(rack mount only)
 They stated quite clearly that the only difference between the mpx100
and the pcm 81 was (apart from programming nuance)the price.
 The next step up was a pcm-91. Funny though, when I explained my
application (live performance) they said I would be better off buying
2 mpx-100's ($440.00)as the pcm-81's had the same propriety chip!
and would effectively sound no different!!

 Also, the mpx-100 has a Greatest Hits collection of reverb algorithms
 in it anyway, Some from the pcm-60 and pcm-70 etc.. Save your dosh Mark!
                                        Cheers, Trent.